East Allen County Schools believes that extra-curricular opportunities for our students are an integral part of their educational experiences.  Part of the long term vision for EACS is to improve the facilities throughout the district for our extra-curricular programs.  Responses from the questions from the Community Meetings are provided below:

At Heritage there is attention needed at the football stadium.  This is an eye sore.  LED lighting would be very efficient.  Rusted light poles. The bleachers need work.
The proposed vision includes work on the bleachers and press box at Heritage. The press box at Heritage is rotted and there is a safety concern.  The proposed vision includes work on the bleachers and press box at Heritage.

What is wrong with athletic facilities at Heritage?The bleachers and press box pose a safety concern and need attention. 
Heritage is the only high school lacking an outside locker with public restrooms and concessions.  The proposed out building could house equipment as well based on final specifications. There are not drawings yet of the final product.  The intent of the District’s Vision is to have high school extra-curricular facilities be equitable.

At Heritage, there is a need for adequate lighting for practice fields &clarification of what the practice field will be used for.
The architects can explore the lighting concern. The additional practice field is needed for soccer but would most likely be utilized by other sports as well.   Because there is not a practice field for soccer, the soccer competition field never has time to recover from the constant use.

At Heritage, upgrade softball field/baseball fields.
The softball and baseball fields are not included in the current vision. This is included in the vision.

What is the amount of money being spent on athletics?
That amount will depend on what is included in the final plan and the associated costs for that portion of the project.  

Need a new P.A. system at the football field.The sound system is not part of the current vision, but it can be looked into.  Our facilities are embarrassing when schools have to see our facilities.
The vision is to update the facilities and improve safety.

Is the issue of artificial turf a need or a want?
The opinion of the administration is that artificial turf is not re

Does the etc. in the last bullet point include the turf field?
The intended use of etc. was in reference to the fact that the out building could house more than the listed items depending on the final design of the out building.    

Need new press box for softball & baseball – safety issue.
The safety issues have not been brought to our attention but they can be looked into.

Improvement in turf field – that would make it more attractive.  Can we use the $11 million on the turf field?  Host more events & make money for support.  Benefits are bigger track meets, band competitions, Special Olympics. A lot of people in support of this & were ignored.
Not sure where the $11 million figure came from.  The Board will decide the projects for each attendance area based on needs.   If it is determined to provide turf fields a tour schools, it makes sense that they would be multi-use. 

Volleyball accessibility in Woodlan Elementary gym so it can be used by the community.
The elementary gym can be retrofitted to hold volleyball standards. 

Are there any athletic funds available from organizations or grants to apply for?
We are always interested in pursuing grants for which EACS is eligible 

Is Leo really getting a turf football field?
Turf fields are currently not part of the vision proposal.  
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