Decision Process - Board of School Trustees

The Board of School Trustees of East Allen County Schools will formally approve what the final project will consist of at what is referred to as a "1028 Hearing".   The purpose of this hearing, is that under Indiana Law whenever a school corporation proposes to construct or renovate a school building at a cost in excess of one million dollars, it must first hold a public hearing.  At this formal hearing, all interested people may give testimony and/or ask questions concerning the proposed renovations of and improvements that are being considered.  The purpose is two-fold:  1) to inform the public as to the proposed Projects; and 2) to allow all interest parties, the taxpayers and the patrons of the School Corporation to voice their opinions as to the Project and ask questions.    Members of the Board of School Trustees have attended the Community Meetings and discussed possible projects.  The finalization of the overall project plan will occur from October 2015 through January 2016.  Responses to questions from the Community Meetings are provided below:

How does the board determine who gets the money and if this is a “wish list”, who makes the final decision on projects that actually get done?
The Board has listened to concerns at each of the five community meetings and will present a plan based on the needs through out the district.  The final plan will be presented in January, and the final decision will be made by the voters in May, 2016.

Can they pick and choose projects?
The Board of School Trustee will finalize the projects to address the needs at each school.

How would that process take place?
That is a Board of School Trustees decision on how the process to determine projects in the final plan.

People don’t like to feel like politicians are making decisions for them?
The registered voters of East Allen County Schools will make the decision on this Referendum at the ballot box in the May 2016 Primary.

Why not make it their needs and wants and only do it once?
The intent of addressing needs is to lessen the impact on the taxpayers of EACS.

East Allen County Schools should sell the eighty acres located at the southeast corner of Hosler and Halter roads.  What is the value of 80 acres @ Hosler/Halter?  How long owned?  Use just soccer field?  If don’t use – sell – use money @ other school/projects.
East Allen County Schools purchased this 80 acre track in 2001.  The value of the property is estimated to be well over $800,000.  It currently is used as soccer fields.  It is not the intention of the Board, nor the recommendation of administration, to sell the property.  

How does Board determine per HS area how money is prioritized?
The Board will determine how to best address the needs in each area based on the information they have gathered through the community meetings.

Why does every superintendent leave a legacy of bigger/better buildings?
The intention of this project is to address needs in the district that are focused on student-based improvements.

There is a concern that the South East side of Fort Wayne(southwest section of EACS) gets shorted at times.
East Allen County Schools is a firm believer in providing equitable educationalservices to all students throughout the district.  The amount of educational funding provided perstudent is higher in the southwest section of the district.

Why is there anupdate to the greenhouse at Woodlan, but not Heritage?
The final plan will address the needs for the entire district.  There have been discussions on updating thegreenhouses at both Woodlan and Heritage.

The Harding attendance has paid their share for all the other attendance areas.  We need to make sure the Harding attendance area is equally represented in this referendum.
The final plan for East Allen County Schools will address the needs of theentire district.  <Click> here torefer to a report on the number of students and assessed value by attendancearea.


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